"Truman gave me my life back. I want others to have that same chance."
Manon's Story

Last spring, Manon Werner discovered a painful lump during a self-exam. She had always been active and healthy, even coaching her granddaughter’s soccer team. But Manon was uninsured.

"I knew I could not afford to pay for the exam and mammogram," Manon said. "I prayed and asked for help. 'Show me how to do this…'"

Using the Internet, Manon found Truman Medical Centers and the Show Me Healthy Women program, which provides free breast cancer screenings.

Her mammogram revealed a mass. The follow-up ultrasound and biopsy confirmed her worst fears: Stage III breast cancer. How, she wondered, could she possibly afford the surgery and treatment that could save her life? What happened next, Manon says, was nothing short of a miracle.

"They told me, 'Manon, when we take you on as a patient, we are with you until you are well. We are going to take care of you.'"
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