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Meet Bridget

When Bridget discovered that the twins she was carrying had developed TTTS – Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome – she knew she needed more help than her hospital could provide. She entrusted her care to the integrated Maternal Fetal Health team at University Health and Children’s Mercy Hospital. Each year, hundreds of the highest-risk cases are referred to and delivered at UH. The decision saved Bridget’s life… and the life of her twins. This is their story…

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Meet Olivia

When Heather and Patrick Wong learned they were expecting their first child, they realized they had a lot of decisions to make – from gift registries to baby names. But they tell everyone that the most important decision they made was choosing Truman Medical Centers for their daughter’s birth.

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Meet Tracy

After celebrating Mother’s day, Tracy’s mom got a phone call she’ll never forget. Her daughter had fallen from a second-story deck; she was alive but in critical condition. Without hesitating, Tracy’s mom made told the EMTs, “Take my daughter to Truman.”

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Meet Manon

When Manon learned that she had Stage III breast cancer, she wondered how she could possibly afford the surgery and treatment that could save her life. Then she discovered Truman Medical Centers, Kansas City’s only health system that cares for everyone, regardless of income or insurance status.

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Meet Chris

In 2019, Chris made a 911 phone call that saved his life. An opioid prescription-turned-addiction had robbed Chris of everything that was meaningful – and nearly took his life. Today, he credits Truman’s Behavioral Health Recovery Services team for a miraculous second chance at a rewarding and meaningful life. Chris courageously chose to share his story at the 2019 TMC White Coat Gala in order to inspire and offer hope to others. This is Chris’s story…

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Meet Sheila

We are so grateful for the TMC patients who shared their stories at the 2018 TMC White Coat Gala. It takes courage, but they stepped forward to say thank you, and to make sure others have the same chance they did. This is Sheila’s Story…

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